Needle — Arya Stark Sword

Needle — Arya Stark Sword

Needle - Arya Stark Sword

The needle is Arya Stark’s sword from George Martin’s book “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the series “Game of Thrones”

The needle is Arya’s thin sword. Was presented to her by John Snow. The needle is a light sword, unlike the heavy swords of knights, and the girl is easy to handle. The needle is more suitable for Arya for the Braavosian style of fencing, which focuses on speed, agility and quick attacks.
Here is what George Martin writes about the sword:

Arya’s eyes widened … Dark eyes like his own.
“A sword,” she said quietly.
The soft gray leather scabbard rustled insinuatingly, like sin. John slowly drew the blade so that his sister saw the deep blue of steel.
“This is not a toy,” he said. — Be careful and don’t cut yourself. You can even shave with a blade.
“Girls don’t shave,” Arya said.
— Maybe in vain. Have you ever seen septa legs?
Arya giggled.
— He’s so thin.
“You too,” John said. “I told Mikken to do this for you.” In Pentos and the World and in other Free cities, bravies use these. They can’t cut their heads, but you can make a fair amount of holes — if you hurry.
“I can move fast,” said Arya.

“I almost forgot,” John said. “All good swords have names.”
— For example, Ice. — She looked at the blade in her hands. “Does he already have a name?” Well, tell me.
“Don’t you guess?” — teased John. — Name your favorite thing.
Arya was surprised at first, and then she understood. And they said in unison:
— The needle!



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