Oakshott Type XX Sword

Oakshott Type XX Sword

Oakshott Type XX Sword

The sword, received in the classification of E. Okshott, type XX, always attracts attention, with its shape, the abundance of valleys on the blade and elegant forms of the guard and top. This sword is the third, made from the collection of swords of the ХХgo type (previously made: Sword ХХ type according to Oakeshott, Sword type XX with ricasso).


This type, originates from the early period of the XIV century. The type is formed by the shape of the blade and the dales on it. Most of the swords of this type are large one and a half swords.

Reconstructing this sword, we tried to reproduce it closer to the original. Despite the weight and size — the sword is surprisingly obedient. The sword has excellent qualities for both stabbing and chopping punches



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