The Witcher’s Silver Sword

The Witcher’s Silver Sword

The Witcher's Silver Sword Type G

The Witcher’s Silver Sword Type G
The blade is made as a prototype from the game, but the guard without thorns and the apple are changed in accordance with safety requirements.

The blade is made of steel.

A. Sapkosvky:

“You ask: what do I believe in that case?

— To the sword.

You see, I have two of them. Every witcher has two swords. Enemies chat, as if silver is against monsters, and steel is against people. This, of course, is not true. There are monsters that can be defeated only with a silver blade, but there are also those for whom iron is deadly. No, Iola, not any iron, but only that which is contained in meteorites. What are meteorites? You, I think, have seen a shooting star more than once. A shooting star is a short luminous streak in the night sky. Seeing her, you probably made a wish, maybe for you it was another reason to believe in gods. For me, a meteorite is just a piece of metal, which, falling, burrows into the ground. Metal from which you can forge a sword.
You can, of course, you can take my sword in your hand. See how light it is? Even you lift it without difficulty. Not! Do not touch the tip, you will get hurt. It is sharper than a razor. That should be so. Oh yes, I train often. Every free minute. I must not lose the skill. Here, to the farthest corner of the temple park, I also came to stretch my legs, to expel from my muscles the vile, harmful numbness that attacks me, the cold flowing through my veins. And you found me. Funny, for several days I tried to find you. I wanted to … «