Witcher sword, type B

Witcher sword, type B

sword wedzmin-b

Witcher sword, type BAll in accordance with safety requirements.

The co-author in the manufacture of this blade was: Darianna Nosferatum.

This version of the sword, by far the most high-quality version of the Witcher blade from our workshop and together with armor based on the Witcher game, are the leading versions of the workshop’s products.

The workshop “Zbroyev Falvarak” over the years of our work, we can confidently say that the most popular sword among our partners and friends is our version — the Silver Sword of the Witcher.

The idea of ​​creating such a sword, successfully coincided with the production opportunity: the development of mirror polishing duralumin aluminum, the beginning of the use of a more thickened version of the duralumin blade (8mm), which allowed to apply dales and make the blades lower. And together with the armor based on the Witcher’s game, we started making the sword.

The inspiration for the creation of the first version of the Witcher’s sword was our partner in the role community Lambert, who on August 12, 2008 asked a question in our topic:

sword wedzmin-b


steel 3, guard length 23 cm, spikes 2 cm


highly stylized wolf head, steel 3


total stick length 27 cm, grip length 20 cm


steel 65G , 6 mm, hardness 55 units , blade length 83 cm


the total length of the blade is 111 cm, the balance is 11 cm from the guard, two docks are made on the blade 18 cm long


2.5 kg

Own page of the sword and almost 100 comments …. Vkontakt-zf



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